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Superintendent Dispatch for Shipping company, New building, Terminal operation, Repair

Superintendent Dispatch for Shipping company, New building, Terminal operation, Repair


Superintendent dispatch

Marineous, We dispatch the construction supervisor of the new building ship, the repair dock superintendent, the safety supervisor of the LPG, Oil Chemical Tanker Terminal, and shipping company in Japan who is experienced in embarked vessel and worked in shipping company and can speak in Japanese, Korean, English etc.

In addition, I am also working on the dispatch of a person who can speak Korean, Japanese, English, and Chinese and experienced as a superintendent. To cope with the urgent situational for example, PSC response, accidents.

Feel free to contact us, provided that you need above kinds of service.

We are working with our affiliates to dispatch inspectors.

The scope of dispatch is Japan, Korea, China and Southeast Asia.

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Brokerage, Chartering, General agent, Interpreting and Translation

Brokerage, Chartering, General agent, Interpreting and Translation
Chartering & Brokerage

We are commissioned by domestic and international LPG, oil-chemical, general cargo, and heavy-lift carriers, salvage ship to operate the vessel on behalf of the shipping company.

In particular, the person in charge of special cargo LPG and oil-chemical vessels aims to prepare in advance for possible problems using risk assessment by communicating with the ship owner and charterer before shipment.

Even if the trouble occurs, In order to deal with problems as soon as possible, we aim to communicate with shipping insurers, ship owner, charterer and shipyards to deal with them as soon as possible.

General agent

We are acting on behalf of all agencies related to the entry of tanker ships in all regions of Japan.

We are working with chemical, lpg, oil tanker, local agents, and are preparing to deal with problems immediately when they are in terminal operation or navigation or anchoring in Japan.

Environmental friendly  & Interpretation and Translation

In line with IMO’s regulations on reducing Greenhouse gas, Marinous is also working on consulting on new ships and retrofit of existing ships to satisfy EEXI CII and others.

In addition, to minimize ship accidents, we are trying to quickly prepare salvage, shipyards, and repair company, in Korea, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia.

We provide interpretation and translation for all works related to the shipping industry.

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