About us

Marineous was established to respond to the comprehensive ship market for Japan, Korea, China and Asian markets.

New shipbuilding and secondhand ship consulting by person who has experience in the general trading company and shipping company. supplying experienced supervisors who has experience in the class and embarking the vessel for the shipping company, new building ship, cargo operation terminal. Brokerage and chartering businesses that connect shippers and shipowner.

Ship machinery, store, parts Supply. General agent in Japan and Korea. Interpretation and translation in shipping industry among English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc.;

In order to achieve the goal of reducing emissions such as greenhouse gases, Marineous is also doing its best to build ships and supply devices that meet IMO standards such as hydrogen engine, fuel cells, batteries, rotor sail, solar panels, etc.

In addition, in case of ship trouble in Japan, Korea, China, and Singapore We have made it possible to respond to all ship trouble by connecting companies related to marineous in Korea, Japan, and Singapore and Chinese agents. also it is possible to supply parts for repair shipyards or directly on the vessel.

We are also conducting preliminary inspections of ships in Japan such as ISM, ISPS, MAJOR, and CDI from experienced supervisors and MAJOR inspectors if necessary.

Marineous is preparing and working to respond to all areas of shipping. If you have any questions about the above, please feel free to contact us.

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