Ship’s Machinery, Store, Parts

Ship’s Machinery, Store, Parts


Ship’s machinery

Marineous offers best-of-breed efficient devices to customers after contacting manufacturers from countries such as Korea, Japan, China, Europe and Southeast Asia.

If there is an order from domestic and foreign shipyards and ship companies, we are conducting import, export and sales in accordance with customer demands by estimating ship equipment and determining efficiency from various companies.

In particular, we are mainly in charge of equipment and materials of the ship equipment companies in Korea and Japan.
experienced seafarer, safety quality and technical superintendent, and new shipbuilding construction supervisors are also checking the system and suggesting suitable devices before offering.

Ship’s store and part

Marineous has been engaged in steady trade activities throughout Southeast Asia, focusing on Korea, Japan and China.

We have been building a firm trust in the company's various requests.
We are also trying to gain great trust from shipping related customers in terms of quality, cost, and delivery date of ship parts.

The person in charge who can respond to Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese is trying to immediately connect and inquire to each maker to send the parts and stores as soon as possible.

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